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What Kind of Giver Are You?

If you see someone homeless on the street asking for money:

You give them your leftover sandwich from lunch
You direct them to the nearest homeless shelter
You only give if they look like they really need it
You feel for them and give them a few dollars

What kind of charity are you most likely to support?

One that helps children or animals
One that your friends also support
A medical charity that saves lives
A local charity that serves your community

What do you do when a friend asks you for help moving?

Offer to hire someone to help
Say YES immediately without thinking twice
Ask if there will be donuts or pizza
Think of your back and hope you are busy that day

The cute kid next door is selling Girl Scout cookies (which you hate):

You buy one box of each and give them to friends
You give her $5 and tell her to keep the cookies
You buy some because her parents are your friends
You sell some to friends at work on her behalf

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